Company Introduction

Part of the cosmetics company, a subsidiary of Taiwan Miriam Toi on Highland Mei Yee cosmetics company,

founded in 2011, the company currently has a group from Taiwan's cutting-edge high-quality science and

technology R & D personnel and thousands of models of mature product formulations, the company is not

only a dayline, professional line of production-oriented enterprises, the collection as a whole, skin care

products more original patent "fresh packaging, the packaging is an internal use fresh packaging container

from the outside air and microbial products during use, it canmaximum extent possible to maintain the

freshness of the product in the period. The fresh packaging "made a number of inventions and utility model

patents in China, the United States, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

Company is located in Shanghai Songjiang Yexie, traffic convenience, has a the GMPC modern production

plant and advanced production lines, including laboratory, laboratories, raw materials room, filling, within the

package material disinfection storage room and locker room are made of one hundred thousand air

purification standards. Company sells its products widely diversified, both facial, eye cream, AB Frost, CC

cream, and washing, disposable mask, and many other segments category, specialized for different forms of

enterprises to create a low-input high profit cosmetics a stop service to become China's cosmetics industry

the elegance unique, extraordinary potential cutting-edge power.

Since its inception, adhering to the fine tradition of service to the public, hope and pray that all women have a

beautiful orchid-like deportment, for many customers to create higher-quality, higher profits, more fresh

products, with the hand, mutual benefit and common development, create brilliant.